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   Some internet user have commented on our website.
That it isnt very flashy, or full of "web 2.0" stuff, its plain, the pictures are terrible etc...
And I agree with them. It would like our website to be more up to date and the pictures to be better.
Unfortuanatly creating websites is not what we do here, its not what we are good at
We make military jewelry, Fine military jewelry.
And we do it well, very well.
We are not a large company, we are just a family business
and with product design , master mold making, and making our products.
We dont have a lot of time for picture taking and website design etc..

When you receive your item and you can see and feel the quality
you will be glad we stick with what we do best and thats make military jewelry.

Thanks for listening

*this information is in no way complete nor up to date

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